AI/ML Applications - Event Series

Real AI/ML projects in Financial Services, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Smart Buildings

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AI/ML Applications Event Series

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has become a crucial part of daily human lives today and it assists in almost every scenario — whether you realize it or not.

To make sure you get the most practical use out of realized project stories we will have for many industry verticals specialized events. Stay tuned for more to come or get in touch if you want to propose a focus area.

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E-Healthcare Applications Online Event

Date: 21 September 2020

Location: Technopark Winterthur

Deadline: January 2020

AI is getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do, but more efficiently, more quickly and at a lower cost. The potential for both AI and robotics in healthcare is vast. Just like in our every-day lives, AI and robotics are increasingly a part of our healthcare eco-system.

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Smart Buildings

Date: 08 October 2020

Location: Online

The recent proliferation of IoT devices and their convergence with cloud-based technologies is making it easier to generate data about building performance – creating a prime opportunity for building owners to apply AI and ML to make critical operational and financial decisions.

Buildings today have evolved into complex connected technological systems that can be operationalized to maximize efficiencies such as cost-savings or improve worker productivity and occupant comfort.

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Date: June 2020

Location: Luzern

Deadline: April 2020

Artificial intelligence technology is now making its way into manufacturing, and the machine-learning technology and pattern-recognition software at its core could hold the key to transforming factories of the near future.

While AI is poised to radically change many industries, the technology is well suited to manufacturing, says Andrew Ng, the creator of the deep-learning Google Brain project and an adjunct professor of computer science at Stanford University.

“AI will perform manufacturing, quality control, shorten design time, and reduce materials waste, improve production reuse, perform predictive maintenance, and more,” Ng says.

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Date: September 2020

Location: Basel

Deadline: July 2020

Artificial intelligence in retail is being applied in new ways across the entire product and service cycle—from assembly to post-sale customer service interactions, but retail players need answers to important questions:

Which AI applications are playing a role in automation or augmentation of the retail process? How are retail companies using these technologies to stay ahead of their competitors today, and what innovations are being pioneered as potential retail game-changers over the next decade?

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Date: 05. November 2020

Location: Baden

Deadline: September 2020

Many of the companies are using AI to do things such as slash energy use in buildings, monitor powerlines and pipelines, and predict when energy gear might fail. Technology that can help energy companies better predict how their energy infrastructure will perform or when it will need maintenance was a big theme.

“AI and machine learning are tools that can apply across the board for the energy sector.”


AI/ML uses cases in energy forecasting, smart grid, smart meter, energy storage

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Financial services

Date: December 2020

Location: Lugano

Deadline: October 2020

So far, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications have been mainly known by, and invested in, by the technology giants (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Baidu, Tencent …).

Now, there are signs of interest and adoption of AI/ML in banking and other financial sectors. As usual, the US banks are in the vanguard, but these trends will be looked at worldwide.

Unfortunately, much hype has been produced in this space and lots of smoke and mirror claims have been made.

We think an event with a no-nonsense approach and highly focused content is important.

It is, therefore, important for us to only showcase working projects and leave the hype in the past.

The event will showcase the most typical AI/ML applications in banking and financial services, and also will surprise with new ones.<

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